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Cameron Spencer, a single-minded newspaper reporter, is sent to the site of a gruesome murder, and told to get the dirt, on a man who has operated on the far side of the law for too long.

    His assignment suddenly becomes even more complicated when he meets Matt Whitting, who is not aware that he has become the leading suspect in the murder of his best friend, the man who is lying in a pool of frozen blood.

    Matt is everything Cameron has dreamt of, but . . . could he also be a murderer, and if he is, what then?

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Available  Summer  2014

In Greek mythology, Icarus overestimated his own abilities, and flew too close to the sun, falling to his death, as the wax holding the feathers to his enchanted wings melted. 

    On the heels of solving a case of monumental importance, Cameron believes he is capable of almost anything.  When his brother and ex-lover are concerned, though, he may fall, just like Icarus.