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        Jak Rollins licked across the palm of his hand, captivated by the thick strand of sperm connecting his tongue with his slime-covered fingers.  Slurping up the results of his own orgasms had been a ritual he’d followed since he’d shot his first load, five years earlier.  He squeezed the length of his slowly softening penis, milking out whatever sperm remained, then sucked each finger clean. 

    ‘Other men’s jiz tastes great,’ he often thought, ‘but I like mine best.  That doesn’t mean that I don’t love sucking on a guy, though.‘  Jak thought about how much he loved the feeling of a man’s cock as it pulsed, coating his tongue with salty-sweet liquid.  He would hold the hot semen in his mouth, savoring its flavor, until forced to swallow. 

    “Perfect!  You’re hired!”

    Jak’s eyes flew open as reality reasserted itself.  Instead of being alone, he was in a fancy hotel room with three completely clothed men, not much older than himself.  He’d been so wrapped up giving himself pleasure, he’d forgotten he wasn’t alone.  Two of the men gestured in his direction as they spoke to one another.  The third, the one Jak labeled as the boss, glanced toward him and grinned, yet remained silent.

    Jak looked away from the tall, curly-haired man’s gaze.  ‘How is it possible for me to feel more naked than I already am?  I shouldn’t be embarrassed.  After all, I’ve just finished masturbating in front of three strangers.  I’ve shot a load, sucked my fingers clean, and am now sprawled on a hotel room bed with my legs spread wide.  Hell, if I can do all that, in front of total strangers, I shouldn’t be embarrassed by much of anything.’  He felt another dollop of sperm ooze from his cock, and, without conscious thought, wiped his finger over the head of the rapidly shrinking organ and licked it clean.  ‘I wanna take a nap,’ he wanted to tell the men, as he stifled a yawn, too exhausted to move.

    “I’ve never seen someone so at ease in front of strangers,” he heard one of the men say.  “Where’d you find him?  He’s perfect! Sexuality oozes from every pore.  Hell, I was about ready to pop, just watching him shoot!”

    Jak frowned.  ‘Huh?’ He groggily surrendered himself to a yawn.  ‘What does he mean, I’ve got sex oozing from every pore?‘  He raised his head and glanced down to his chest, which was still coated with a sheen of perspiration.  ‘That’s just sweat!’ he wanted to say.  ’I do enjoy being naked around other men, but most guys like the same thing, whether they admit it or not.  I’m just a regular guy.’

    Jak half-listened to the two men prattle on.  After deciding he was not going to be allowed to take a nap, he propped himself up on his elbows and studied the room, cursing himself for being such easy prey for someone offering ‘a couple bucks.’ 

    Jak didn’t have to think too hard about why he accepted the offer.  ‘I feel poor,’ he lamented, wondering what the afternoon’s adventure had done to his day’s schedule.  ‘I don’t like having to work two jobs just so I can keep my beat-up car running, and pay for school.  After helping out with the household expenses, there’s not much left for me.  Dad makes a good living; it’s just . . . well . . . things seem to have always been stretched tight. 

    ‘So . . . there it is.  Money talks, and earning a few bucks for beating-off in front of a couple guys is easy money.  It may buy a tank of gas, if nothing else.  Now, though, look at the situation I’m in.’  He scooted to the side of the bed farthest from the three men, and stooped, reaching for his underwear.

    “Wait!” Levi Witter, the man who’d convinced him to put on the recent show, spoke with authority.  It seemed weird to call someone not ten years older than himself, ‘sir,’ but . . . it felt right.  ‘If I ooze sexuality,’ as two of those guys claim, ‘this man oozes authority.’  It’d been almost palpable the moment he’d sat down across the table, and looked on as Jak ate a sack lunch in the College Commons Building.  After a few pleasantries, the man described his business and asked Jak if he would be interested in possibly being a model for his studio’s website. 

    “My apologies for ignoring you, . . . um,” Levi Witter hesitated, trying to recall the name of the young man who stood frozen in place, much like a deer facing an oncoming car.

    “The name’s Jak,” the naked man warily supplied, still unwilling to face the three men.  He rubbed a hand across his stomach, irritated at discovering a patch of liquifying sperm which had begun to leave wet streaks over his belly.  ‘Oh great!’ he silently groaned.  ‘What am I supposed to do with a spermy hand?’  Somehow, licking his fingers clean didn’t seem quite as appropriate as it had a few moments earlier.  ‘I can’t wipe it on the bed sheets.  Mom would have a fit if she knew I did something like that.’  Jak paused, grinning to himself.  ‘Hell, I can’t begin to think what she’d say if she knew I had just beat my meat for three strangers, all for a couple bucks.  I’m not that hard-up for money, am I?’

    While two of the men discussed his . . . assets, Jak quickly brought his hand to his mouth and did his best to clean off as much of the juice as possible.  Whatever was left, he wiped over his thigh, and hoped the guys had been too busy talking to notice.

    “What a perfect ass,” one of the men commented, “and look at those legs!”

    Jak flexed the hairless mounds of his buttocks, glancing over his shoulder and looking at himself in the mirror on the far wall of the room.  ‘I always have liked my butt.’  His cock twitched, as he thought about  how much he enjoyed having his ass cheeks and hole played with.  ‘If I don’t watch it, I’m going to get hard again, and these guys will think I’m depraved.’

    He returned his attention to the mirror’s reflection.  Jak was a man of average height, with an athletic build, short blond hair, large dark-blue eyes, broad shoulders which tapered to a narrow waist, and long, muscular thighs and calves.  ‘The dick could be a little longer,’ he thought, as he watched the thick cock begin to stand out from his dense pubic hair.

    “I think his face is even better than his butt,” the second man interrupted Jak’s self-analysis.  “The eyes are to die-for . . . and those lips!  I wonder if he enjoys kissing.”

    ‘I’d bet the farm I’m gonna end up bald,’ Jak thought, wondering why someone hadn’t pointed that out.  ‘And what’s so great about my lips?’ he wondered, trying to see himself in the same light as the two men who were analyzing him, bit by bit.  ‘I’m surprised someone hasn’t commented on me clipping my chest hair.’  He studied his reflection, trying not to be too obvious.  ‘My lips?  With the way they’re talking, I would have thought they’d be asking to take a close look at my hole, not talking about my lips! 

    ‘And, speaking of my butt, if one of those guys wanted to play, for a couple more bucks, I’d jump at the chance.  That guy . . . Dave . . . is a knockout.’

    Jak tore his attention away from his reflection, and determinedly pulled the brief pair of underwear up his legs.  ‘Geez, I’m not a horse,‘ he groused, as the evaluation continued, wondering when they were going to ask to see his teeth.  He arranged himself in the pouch of his briefs, now . . . safely . . . hidden behind the thin, dark-blue fabric covering his groin, then turned toward the men..

    “Guys,” he broke into the conversation, “I wish you’d stop talking about me as if I wasn’t in the room.  Didn’t your mother ever teach you any manners?”  He retrieved his shirt and began fastening its buttons, only then realizing how quiet the room had become.  When he looked up, two of the men were red-faced, while their boss was grinning.

    “Well?” Levi Witter asked, turning to look at his friends.  “The young man asked you a question.  Show some manners and answer him.”

    “My apologies for treating you like a piece of meat,” the youngest of the two men mumbled, not quite meeting Jak’s eyes as he spoke.

    “Mine, too . . . um . . .”

    “Like I said, the name’s Jak.”

    “Of course . . .  Jak.  Sorry.  Mine’s Pete Landry.  I was just wondering what sort of work-name would be good for you.  You knew you wouldn’t be using your actual name, didn’t you?”

    “Um, I guess I hadn’t thought about it.  This entire website sex-thing is still sort’a vague to me.  I mean, I’ve seen guys have sex online, but those were people off the street.  What you’re doing sounds more . . . um . . . professional, I guess.”

    Pete snorted.  “It’s like the difference between night and day.”

    “You think I’d fit in with the guys you already have working for you?  This Cody person, you’ve mentioned a couple times, doesn’t sound like a very nice guy.  I guess he must really be a looker, though.”

    Pete shrugged.  “Cody’s easy on the eyes, but so are you.” 

    “Damn right!”  Dave, the man standing close-by, added. 

    Pete’s eyes lit, and he snapped his fingers.  “I know!  You should be called ‘Soren’!  It’s an unusual name, without being weird, plus it’s not trite.  What’cha think?”

    “Soren?” Jak mused, finding it strange to think of himself answering to a name other than Jak Rollins.

    “If that’s an okay name, that’s what we’ll start calling you,” Mister Witter said.  “That’s the name you’ll be known by online, as well as by the other guys who you’ll be working with.”

    “It’s perfect!” Pete Landry announced.  “Just like you.”

    Jak zipped his jeans, then interrupted the men’s talk, with a gesture.  “Guys, ‘Soren’ is a cool-sounding name, but I’m definitely not perfect, so stop going on as if I am; okay?  I . . . I don’t know exactly what to say about your offer to be part of your website, any more than I know what to think about what I just did.”   He gestured to the rumpled bed. 

    “It was fun, getting naked and playing with myself in front of you all.”  He grinned.  “I always have been an exhibitionist; I’ve just never done anything like this before.”  Jak massaged the back of his neck as he considered how his life would change if he took Mister Witter up on his offer to be an online porn star.  “Still . . . I . . . I just don’t think this performance-thing would be right for me.  I’m too . . .”

    “What?  You’re perfect!”

Approx. 217,000 words

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